For Parents/Families

Afterschool programs keep kids safe during the hours and months while parents and guardians are working. Researchers from Brandies University have identified a level of stress that parents experience regarding their children’s afterschool arrangements. This parent stress is costing companies between $50-$300 billion in healthcare and lost job productivity each year.

Find a Program

There are several resources to help parents find afterschool in their communities.  Child Care Aware(r) of Missouri has the state’s Resource & Referral database of early childhood and afterschool programs.  Additionally, the Department of Health and Senior Services has an online database of licensed programs.

To date, MASN has collected basic information on over 800 afterschool sites in Missouri.  Although we know that there are many more sites, you may visit a searchable map of these programs.

Paying for Afterschool Programs

How much afterschool costs for parents varies by program type and location. It is important to recognize that afterschool programs provide a valuable service for parents and communities.  That service has a significant price tag due to the need to have qualified adults who have a thorough knowledge of youth development working to provide quality experiences for children.

The amount parents pay may depend on the other funding that the afterschool program has (e.g., grant funding, organizational support, fund raising) with some parents paying only a minimal fee and others paying the full costs.  Low income families with children under the age of 12 may qualify for ‘child care assistance’ through the Department of Social Services.  You or your afterschool provider can learn more about the subsidy program on the DSS website.

Start a Program

Does your community need an afterschool program?  Parents can be key advocates for communicating the need for an afterschool program to school and community partners.  Visit the Start a Program page to review start up information and share it with others in your community.

Afterschool Works

keeps kids safe, helps working families, inspires kids to learn

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